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Race Car Safety


Racing cars is fun, until it isn’t. There’s always an element of danger and that is the source of the excitement but there are a number of things you should be doing to make sure that you retain the excitement while reducing the chance of killing the fun by having an accident. Here are some pointers on how to make sure your car will stay safe on the track.

Driver Safety Gear

It goes without saying that if you’re heading out to the track you need to be wearing your helmet whenever you’re behind the wheel. Don’t try to be a hero by driving without one. One bump against the roll bar or pillar and your racing career could come to a premature end. If you’re getting serious about your racing then make sure that you get a decent pair of fire resistant overalls and gloves. Yes they’re hot to drive in but fire is always a possibility when you’re driving a car filled with high octane fuel and nitros. car parts is here.

Roll Cage

These can be expensive to build and install in your vehicle but there’s a good reason that you see racing cars with these. High speed collisions and rolling will quickly reveal that your car’s roof was not designed to be up against the floor. A decent roll cage will make sure that you stay in one piece if you’re in an accident. Your body panels will still be trashed but at least you’ll be kept safe inside the protection of the roll cage.

Transmission Safety

This is one aspect that many people ignore. Your transmission is responsible for taking all that power from your engine and transferring it to your drive shaft and wheels. Some engines have been tuned to deliver a massive amount of horsepower but the transmission that they have isn’t equipped to deal with that power. When your transmission fails under this kind of strain then it can cause some serious damage to your engine and even the driver. If you’re using a manual transmission then make sure that you get a blow-proof housing. Most cars we drive have an automatic transmission and these get a little more tricky. Make sure that you get a decent transmission shield. Installing a flexplate and flexplate shield will also go a long way to limiting the damage if your transmission fails. Most good automotive spares suppliers will be able to help you source these.


Normal safety harnesses are fine for normal driving conditions but if you’re taking your car to the track then make sure that you get a decent 5 point safety harness. Besides better safety in case of an accident, you’ll also feel more secure when going through turns at high speed. This stability behind the wheel will put you in a better position to be able to keep your vehicle under control.

Safety on the race track all comes down to preparation and common sense. Make sure that you have the right gear as a driver and that your vehicle is properly kitted out for the type of driving that you’ll be putting it through. Make sure that you don’t take any shortcuts with your safety or that of the spectators at the track.

Mile 1 Marker Chevy Road Trip


There’s nothing quite like a long road trip in some great V8’s to get us excited. We had been talking about doing a trip like this for a while and finally we got around to actually doing it. We decided to take 3 iconic Chevrolet vehicles and put them through their paces on the slightly clichéd Route 66. We settled on a 2010 Camaro SS, a 2009 ZR1 and a 2010 Corvette. We love each one of these cars so it was a bit difficult when it came to deciding which one we’d each like to drive.

Preparation for this trip meant that we needed to be sure that these cars would last for 5 days of us driving them like hooligans. We can’t help ourselves really. When we start to hear those V8’s rev up then our foot instinctively presses down harder on the gas pedal. We’d need to make sure our cars were in good shape so these are some of the things we checked.


While we weren’t planning on doing anything radical like drifting we were planning on laying some rubber down on the tarmac if we found a quiet stretch for an impromptu drag race. Also, if we happened to come across a tight corner and “accidently” powered out of it there may be a little drifting happening. We didn’t want to spend a fortune on tires but we decided to make sure that our tires were both 88W and Z rated so that we’d be good for speeds up to around the 170MPH mark. Not that we’d drive that fast on the public roads, maybe. If we were heading to the track and we knew that we’d be going really fast then we’d make sure that we had tires that were 99Y rated. These would be good for speeds of around 190 MPH.

Under the hood

We didn’t fiddle too much with the engines but because we were planning on revving these engines a little higher and for longer periods we thought they could do with a little maintenance up front. We replaced all of the belts because we didn’t want to throw a belt on some lonely stretch of road with no automotive spares shop in sight. That being said, there are some really good online vehicle spares suppliers now that will deliver spares pretty much anywhere. Of course, that would only help if you had network coverage to be able to contact them. We didn’t feel like testing our luck in this regard. Besides the belts, we also replaced all our fluids. This included the radiator coolant as well as the hydraulic fluid for the brakes and the clutch. Going fast is fine but we wanted to be sure we could stop in a hurry too.

In the trunk

We weren’t planning on breaking down but if we did then we wanted to be prepared. There’s no point in trying to take the whole workshop along but we decided to split some critical spares and tools between the three vehicles so that we each carried enough to do some minor repairs should we need to. Fortunately on this trip we didn’t have to dive into our mobile workshop gear too often and the only issues we had were quickly sorted with a wrench and screw driver.


We made sure that our tanks were filled to the brim before setting off. Route 66 used to have plenty of gas stations but a lot of them have closed down now because the majority of the traffic now heads off on the new interstate highway. That meant that we needed to be able to make some long stretches between fuel stops. The cars we were driving weren’t exactly known for their fuel efficiency and we weren’t planning on driving them in a way that would save gas. If you ever go on a road trip like this make sure that you never miss an opportunity to fill up. Watching that gauge hover around empty and wondering how far you’ve got to go to the next filling station can be more than a little stressful.

After 5 days of driving these cars through some amazing landscapes and some great straight roads we felt that we started to understand why these vehicles had been made in the first place. Driving for the sheer pleasure of doing so is far more important than mere transportation from one place to the other. Good preparation and maintenance meant that this was one of our most enjoyable road trips. Why not join us next time?

Our Favourite Motorsport Events


If it’s got an engine and it’s going fast then we’re interested. At Mile 1 Marker though, we’re focused more on car races. There are a number of different types of races that we’re interested in so here’s a quick rundown of our favourites.

F1 Grand Prix

This is probably the ultimate when it comes to spectator value. F1 Grand Prix has been thrilling fans of motorsport for years now. The cars are carefully regulated so the competition is often decided on the slight difference between engines with a heavy focus on driver ability and pit crew.


This is the biggest motorsport racing even in the US. It draws massive crowds and when you hear the V8 engines rumble and see the speed these guys get up to then it’s easy to see why people keep coming back for more.


Rallycross is all about taking cars on a mixed surface racing track and seeing how fast they can go and how long they can last in the tough conditions. This kind of racing has a number of different classes and is one of the race types with the lowest cost barrier to entry. It’s a great option if you’re looking to have some fun on the track without having to spend too much money on a good car. fifa 17 coin generator

Drag Racing

In the end, all we want to know is who’s car is the fastest. Doing quarter mile drag races is the best way to separate the men from the boys. Yes it’s over in seconds but the excitement of the buildup and the squeal of the tires make this one of the events that really gets our hearts pumping hard.

Modified Stock Car Racing

If you’re the kind of guy that insists on modifying your vehicle then, like us, you probably love these events. Besides just modifying the engines, these racers make sure that they thrill our eyes with really cool body and chassis modifications.

These are just a few of our favourites. Why not send us a list of yours and if you have a photo of your vehicle taking part in an event then we’d love to see it.