Our Favourite Motorsport Events


If it’s got an engine and it’s going fast then we’re interested. At Mile 1 Marker though, we’re focused more on car races. There are a number of different types of races that we’re interested in so here’s a quick rundown of our favourites.

F1 Grand Prix

This is probably the ultimate when it comes to spectator value. F1 Grand Prix has been thrilling fans of motorsport for years now. The cars are carefully regulated so the competition is often decided on the slight difference between engines with a heavy focus on driver ability and pit crew.


This is the biggest motorsport racing even in the US. It draws massive crowds and when you hear the V8 engines rumble and see the speed these guys get up to then it’s easy to see why people keep coming back for more.


Rallycross is all about taking cars on a mixed surface racing track and seeing how fast they can go and how long they can last in the tough conditions. This kind of racing has a number of different classes and is one of the race types with the lowest cost barrier to entry. It’s a great option if you’re looking to have some fun on the track without having to spend too much money on a good car. fifa 17 coin generator

Drag Racing

In the end, all we want to know is who’s car is the fastest. Doing quarter mile drag races is the best way to separate the men from the boys. Yes it’s over in seconds but the excitement of the buildup and the squeal of the tires make this one of the events that really gets our hearts pumping hard.

Modified Stock Car Racing

If you’re the kind of guy that insists on modifying your vehicle then, like us, you probably love these events. Besides just modifying the engines, these racers make sure that they thrill our eyes with really cool body and chassis modifications.

These are just a few of our favourites. Why not send us a list of yours and if you have a photo of your vehicle taking part in an event then we’d love to see it.

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