Race Car Safety


Racing cars is fun, until it isn’t. There’s always an element of danger and that is the source of the excitement but there are a number of things you should be doing to make sure that you retain the excitement while reducing the chance of killing the fun by having an accident. Here are some pointers on how to make sure your car will stay safe on the track.

Driver Safety Gear

It goes without saying that if you’re heading out to the track you need to be wearing your helmet whenever you’re behind the wheel. Don’t try to be a hero by driving without one. One bump against the roll bar or pillar and your racing career could come to a premature end. If you’re getting serious about your racing then make sure that you get a decent pair of fire resistant overalls and gloves. Yes they’re hot to drive in but fire is always a possibility when you’re driving a car filled with high octane fuel and nitros. car parts is here.

Roll Cage

These can be expensive to build and install in your vehicle but there’s a good reason that you see racing cars with these. High speed collisions and rolling will quickly reveal that your car’s roof was not designed to be up against the floor. A decent roll cage will make sure that you stay in one piece if you’re in an accident. Your body panels will still be trashed but at least you’ll be kept safe inside the protection of the roll cage.

Transmission Safety

This is one aspect that many people ignore. Your transmission is responsible for taking all that power from your engine and transferring it to your drive shaft and wheels. Some engines have been tuned to deliver a massive amount of horsepower but the transmission that they have isn’t equipped to deal with that power. When your transmission fails under this kind of strain then it can cause some serious damage to your engine and even the driver. If you’re using a manual transmission then make sure that you get a blow-proof housing. Most cars we drive have an automatic transmission and these get a little more tricky. Make sure that you get a decent transmission shield. Installing a flexplate and flexplate shield will also go a long way to limiting the damage if your transmission fails. Most good automotive spares suppliers will be able to help you source these.


Normal safety harnesses are fine for normal driving conditions but if you’re taking your car to the track then make sure that you get a decent 5 point safety harness. Besides better safety in case of an accident, you’ll also feel more secure when going through turns at high speed. This stability behind the wheel will put you in a better position to be able to keep your vehicle under control.

Safety on the race track all comes down to preparation and common sense. Make sure that you have the right gear as a driver and that your vehicle is properly kitted out for the type of driving that you’ll be putting it through. Make sure that you don’t take any shortcuts with your safety or that of the spectators at the track.

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